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VANE & Evan Mirapaul

Evan Mirapaul is a visual arts collector from New York, USA. He will be visiting the north east 4th to 8th February.

Evan Mirapaul studied the violin in a conservatory setting from high school through college and moved on to a successful orchestral career that culminated in a principal position in the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. He left the PSO to further pursue his studies at Indiana University after which he founded the Elements String Quartet. He retired from the violin in 2004. Since 1989, travel has been a catalyst for this collector. It has become his goal to seek out artists, particularly photographers, and galleries wherever he goes. Highlights of his personal collection include the work of world-renowned American documentary photographer Ray K Metzker (b. 1931, see, young American photographer Tim Davis (b.1969, see, and Brazilian artist and recent BALTIC exhibitor Vik Muniz (b. 1961, see


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You can read Evan Mirapaul’s blog on his visit to Newcastle at

Comment by Paul Stone

I’m a Welsh Documentary photographer based in Italy that recently had an exhibition in the Side Gallery in Newcastle. I just discovered the fugitivevision blogspot and discovered that Evan Mirapaul had seen the show which is mentioned. I would very much like to contact him, has anyone got an email address? Thanks! Mine is and my website is

Comment by Rhodri Jones

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