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Theatre Sans Frontieres & Mikkel Harder

Mikkel Harder is a theatre practitioner from Denmark. He visited the North East in November 2007.

Theatre Sans Fronieres on Mikkel Harder

We first met Mikkel 18 years ago when he was studying with Phillipe Gaulier in Paris. He then came to Britain and after a year studying at LAMDA he performed with TSF in 3 of our earliest productions including the award-winning Candide in which he played the protagonist. 

Since returning to Denmark, Mikkel has had a wide and varied career (please see attached CV) including setting up and running his own theatre Kaleidoscope, working as head of Danish radio drama and presently in his current position as Artistic Director of the Royal Danish Theatre  in Copenhagen. During this time Mikkel has directed many large scale productions, managed a big team of people, overseen the building of a new Royal Theatre and networked across Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. During this period we have met up on brief occasions in Britain, Denmark and Canada but have never really had the time to sit down and focus on Mikkel’s knowledge and expertise. Recently we have been discussing the possibility of a joint project with him and a colleague in the Canary Islands, Carlos Belda, to be developed over the next couple of years.


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For me it was a great opportunity to meet collegues who work in the same field as I do but with a different frame when it comes to the way we organize our founding and institutions. There is room for more debate on childrens theatre, and I hope that this can continue in the future.

Comment by Mikkel Harder

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