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Northern Architecture & Dr. Steven Moore

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At Northern Architecture we are becoming increasingly interested in the values that lie behind our work of raising aspirations and promoting high quality architecture in the North East, and engaging people in this. We think that these values need to be explored in the context of the fabric and the culture of the place that is the North East; the concept of regionalism, as well as providing a welcome challenge to the modernist ethos, provides a forum for this exploration, and for a discussion about the respective roles of practitioners, politicians and policy makers in developing this culture.

To stimulate the start of this discussion we have invited to the North East one of the foremost thinkers on architectural regionalism, Steven Moore. Dr Moore is Bartlett Cocke Professor of Architecture and Planning at the University of Texas at Austin. He has attempted to chart a line of thinking from the combination of the modern and the post-modern expressed in Kenneth Frampton’s ideas of ‘critical regionalism’ to a philosophy of the ‘non-modern’. He has developed his own manifesto of ‘regenerative regionalism’ and ‘regenerative architecture’, which take on board the technological aspects of architecture, the relation between technology and place, and between architecture, politics and ecology. Steven is the author of several books including ‘Technology and Place’ (2001); co-editor and co-author with Simon Guy of ‘Sustainable Architectures: Natures and Cultures in Europe and North America’ (2005); and ‘Alternative Routes to the Sustainable City: Austin, Curitiba, and Frankfurt’ (2007).

Steven will be in the North East from 16-20 March and we are in the process of arranging a number of informal conversations between him and other people in the region. If you are interested in taking part in these conversations, please contact Andrew Guest

Comment by Andrew Guest

In addition to a series of invited conversations, Steven will be giving a public lecture at 6 pm on Wednesday 19 March at the Nixon Hall, University of Northumbria. The lecture is titled ‘Trans-disciplinary design – Narrative as a tool in sustainable development.’ Email for further information.

Comment by Andrew Guest

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